Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Past...

Everyone has something in their past they aren't proud to announce. We have all made mistakes. With this in mind let's remember this:

Regardless if I remove everything in my past out of my sight, my past still remains. No different than the history of those before us. Suddenly it seems that if you remove symbols, flags, words, etc then what happened in the past goes away, however it doesn't. The Past is still there as a reminder of where we came from and how we are thankful we are no longer there. Even in removing all the above, the offense lives in the person being offended.

The answer? We need to forgive. Forgive those that made bad choices generations before, forgive those that have hurt us, and don't take the bait of offense.

Once the offense is rooted in someone's heart, only forgiveness can remove the offense. So instead of taking everything down from our past, let's stand against being offended and offer grace. Grace to those who didn't know any better, grace to those who knew better and grace to just let it go.

I refuse to live in the state of offense and I will not take the bait to be offended. Terrible things throughout history have happened but let's look at how we have overcome, let's celebrate that we are overcomers. Let's not play a victim role and move on. Let's focus on how to improve what is within our reach and make a difference so our children's children can learn to do the same.

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